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Ronald E. Ricks loves writing and showcasing his creative and fun thoughts. By publishing great books for toddlers to teenagers from ages 3-17, he aims to make a difference in the community. This is why every one of his stories is fascinating and creative. He wishes to provide an opportunity to young minds through his educational books.

The classic bedtime stories at Humble Bumble bee are known to make the bonds between parents and children strong, along with bettering their vocabulary.

About Humble Bumble Bee eBooks

A Great Place for Your Child to Grow At

Ronald started the journey of Humble Bumble Bee eBooks to publish his children’s books with other parents, educators, and readers who aim to start educating children at an early age. This platform offers creative stories and educational books to make children love literature and start reading.

Humble Bumble Bee eBooks is a platform to get knowledgable stories to keep your child engaged with learning.

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Humble Bumble Bee eBooks


Channeling Knowledge

Children’s story books are not just creative but also full of basic pieces of information that is essential for a child to learn from ages 3 to 17.


Providing Education

Children’s learning books at Humble Bumble Bee are full of educational topics to help your child build a strong perspective while growing up.


Igniting Imagination

The classic bedtime stories and good popular picture books keep children interested in reading.


Our Mission

Ronald writes stories with a mission to motivate and inspire daily life experiences, evolve children's perspectives, and prepare them to encounter obstacles. He understands children’s parents' concerns which is why he has a wide range of learning books for children.


Our Vision

Humble Bumble Bee eBook’s vision is to help the community by writing educational children's books and classic bedtime story books that help children from ages 3 to 17 have a better mindset. This is our main vision to provide the children with the best-written books to help them learn easily.

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