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Ronald E. Ricks enjoys penning and sharing wonderful adventures his mind conjures up. By writing great books for preschoolers, he hopes to make a difference in society. Every one of his stories is fascinating and unique. He is eager to provide an opportunity to young minds through learning books for preschoolers. Through his popular preschool books, he:
Humble Bumble bedtime stories and learning books for preschoolers are proven to help foster bonds between parents and children, lower kids’ stress levels, and reinforce their literacy skills and mastery of language.

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Humble Bumble Bee Books is my own little corner of the internet where I talk about children’s books and classic preschool books with other parents, educators, and readers. It serves as a creative outlet for me and provides a cordial environment for your kids to make them fall in love with reading and literature in general. I love to write learning books for preschoolers.

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Imparts Knowledge

I write stories and classic preschool books that are not only amusing but also informative for children, so they can learn while reading.


Providing Education

A wide range of great books for preschoolers on a variety of topics is great for not just your child’s amusement but also provides lifelong lessons.


Kindles Imagination

With popular preschool books, children who relish reading enjoy the tales in books. Our works are intended to awe and pique the reader's interest.


Our Mission

You can never be too young to learn. We write stories with a mission to inspire life’s experiences, improve children's perspectives, and prepare them to face obstacles. We understand parents' concerns, which is why we offer popular preschool books.


Our Vision

Reading is a self-discovery activity. Our vision is to help the community by writing motivational children's books and the most popular preschool books that help them prepare for the future. Our vision is to provide great books for preschoolers that help them learn easily.

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