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7 Tips For How To Raise A Reader

You are bombarded with messages about the significance of children’s educational books from the moment you find out you are having your first child. For good reason: the advantages of reading classic bedtime story books to children at all stages of development are widely proven. Fortunately, raising a reader is enjoyable, gratifying, and quite simple.

Here are seven tips for getting your kids hooked on books:

  1. Feed Funny Stories

    Humor is a terrific approach to get into reading. Some of the best children’s story books are actually the ones that are most amusing. These children’s story books are not only fun but teach lifelong lessons at the same time.

  2. Mix it up with Comics

    Popular picture books are one of the biggest trends in children’s publishing, and they have the potential to get kids addicted to reading. Some of the best story books for preschoolers are also among the best picture books of all time.

  3. Share Books You Loved as a Child

    Nothing better exemplifies a love of reading than your passion when discussing a book from your own childhood. Consider the stories that a loved one or a beloved instructor read to you as a child. This is an excellent place to start collecting books to read with your family and refresh your memories with a variety of classic preschool books.

  4. Find Books That Match Your Child’s Interests

    Connecting children with books they will like is one of the most enjoyable tasks we face as parents of up-and-coming readers, and it can be crucial in developing lifelong readers. Consider things that your youngster appreciates or is even obsessed with. Anything from children’s education books to good picture books might work.

  5. Expand your Bookshelves

    Strive for diversity. We want to identify storybooks in which our children can see themselves, as well as books that will help them learn about people and cultures from throughout the world. With regards to diversity, buy books from authors belonging to different races and nationalities. Search books using tags such as “black authors best sellers” or “books by person-of-color”.

  6. Gift Books to Celebrate Milestones

    We can recall events in our lives, such as turning ten, winning a contest, or graduating from elementary school. You probably recall the folks you celebrated with or a memorable meal you enjoyed. Why not associate a specific book with memory? When our children recollect these occurrences, they will also associate a meaningful book with that period.

    About The Author:

    Ronald E. Ricks is a Black Author of over 100 children’s books. His popular picture books are among some of the black authors’ best sellers. Having been arrested in 1997 as a 16-year-old boy, he served  24 years in prison before returning to society. Now educated and with something in his possession of true value to offer its citizens, this black children’s books author hopes to make a difference in society via his work. Each children’s book by this black author is unique, fascinating, and proven to help foster bonds between parents and children.

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