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We provide a wide range of cartoon children’s books depicting lovable characters that broaden the horizons of your child’s imagination.

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Our children’s educational books help build their vocabulary and enrich their language development.

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Ronald E. Ricks is a wonderful black author. He enjoys writing and hopes to make a difference in society via his work. Every one of his children’s book stories is fascinating and unique. He is on the list of black authors’ best sellers.

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Humble Bumble Bee Books bedtime stories are proven to help foster bonds between parents and children, lower kids’ stress levels, and reinforce their literacy skills and mastery of language.


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As a black author, my stories teach the value of forgiveness, excellent manners, patience, thankfulness, self-acceptance, learning from mistakes and much more. Don’t miss out on any of them, get all of the black authors’ best sellers’ books!


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A black author, Ronald, writes stories that are not only amusing but also informative for children, so they can learn while reading.


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A wide range of black authors' children's books on a variety of topics for not just your child’s amusement but to provide lifelong lessons.


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Children that enjoy reading enjoy the stories in books. Our works are intended to awe and pique the reader's interest.


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Think again if you believe that children’s books by black authors are solely for black families. Consider these black authors’ children’s books, who provide books that will attract children of all ages, interests, and ethnicities. Ronald is pleased to be referred to as either a black author or a black author of children’s books.
Ronald features on many black authors’ best-seller lists. Humble Bumble Bee Books is my own little corner of the internet where I talk about children’s books with other parents, educators, and readers. It serves as a creative outlet for me and provides a cordial environment for your kids to make them fall in love with reading and literature in general. If you’re looking for black author children’s books, Humble Bumble Bee Books is the place to go.

Humble Bumble Bee’s sole purpose is to inspire children to fall in love with reading



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Get the most recent news, features and release updates about children’s books by black authors and black authors’ best sellers to help your kid establish a lifetime love of reading.

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